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Pre-game News and Notes: Angel Villalona to return?

— An article in the San Francisco Chronicle today talks about the possible return of formerly heralded Giants prospect Angel Villalona:

Staci Slaughter, senior vice president of communications, said the Giants expect to resolve a $5 million breach-of-contract lawsuit that Villalona filed against the team in the Dominican Republic. Villalona would report to the Giants’ academy there to resume his baseball work.

Back in 2008, he was named the 33rd best prospect in baseball by Baseball America, and he came in at #44 the next year. Project Prospect wrote about Villalona in March of 2009, concluding that “largely due to his poor walk rate — 2nd-worst in the South Atlantic League last year — we see Villalona as a guy who still has some major adjustments to make if he’s ever going to find success in the big leagues.” He’s still just 21 years old.

When Clayton Tanner was released by the Giants, Andrew Baggarly tweeted that Sabean had called it a “paper move,” and that the team was in the process of re-signing him. It appears, however, that Tanner has caught on with the Cincinnati Reds’ organization.

— Buster Posey seems to be doing well in his recovery:

More than three months after his leg injury, Buster Posey walks without a limp and says without reservation that he’ll be the Giants’ Opening Day catcher in 2012.

He’ll head to Arizona soon to continue rehab, writes John Shea.

The Giants are set to face the DBacks in several hours: it’ll be Ian Kennedy v. Tim Lincecum.

Tonight’s lineup, via @SFGiants:

Tonight’s #SFGiants lineup: Ross cf, Keppinger 2b, Beltran rf, Sandoval 3b, Burrell lf, Huff 1b, Cabrera ss, Stewart c, Lincecum p


Giants News and Notes: Eric Surkamp, Brandon Crawford, Brian Wilson

Bruce Bochy on KNBR: Jonathan Sanchez, Carlos Beltran, Pat Burrell

Bruce Bochy appeared on KNBR earlier today with Murph and Mac, discussing — among other things — Jonathan Sanchez, Carlos Beltran, Pat Burrell, and Brandon Belt. You can listen to the interview here, but here are some brief notes:

  • The Giants are willing to commit to Jonathan Sanchez as the fifth starter for the next start because they don’t really have another choice that is better. He’s probably going to go out there his next start, says Bochy.
  • On the possibility of Carlos Beltran hitting the DL, Bochy says that there’s always a chance of that happening. After receiving a cortisone injection, Beltran is doubtful for tomorrow but Bochy said he’d put Saturday as more realistic as far as him being in the lineup. Beltran himself doesn’t feel that the injury is that serious.
  • Any chance Pat Burrell returns to the scene? Bochy hasn’t heard back from Pat since he went to North Carolina to have [his foot] checked by another specialist. He’s going to talk to him today.
  • Asked about why Brandon Belt was optioned back to Triple-A, Bochy said that Brandon was having his struggles too — that he was “too closed off” and “it’s not like he was tearing it up here.” “He’s not tearing it up or so to speak to where we feel that he’s going to come up here and make a huge impact.”

Giants News and Notes: Carlos Beltran has strained wrist, could return as early as tomorrow

Some quick Giants news and notes —

JC: Thing you miss most about playing for Chicago?

Rowand: Wearing the road uniform. And you know why? Because it said ‘Chicago’ across the front. I got goose bumps every time I would put it on.

JC: Not so with San Francisco?

Rowand: [Pause] Let’s talk about the Bears again.