Splash Hits: Vogelsong, Stratton, Prospects

Well, it’s been quite a while since I posted some links. As I’m sure nobody wants to revisit today’s game, now feels like as good a time as any to end this drought. Without further ado…

On Ryan Vogelsong – McCovey Chronicles
Ryan Vogelsong: good at baseball.

Barry Zito’s Greatest Enemy: Inertia – Bay Bridge Banter – SB Nation Bay Area
Barry Zito was thrown out on the basepaths on Friday. Kind of like a nincompoop.

2012 MLB Draft: Giants Select Chris Stratton 20th Overall – Seedlings to Stars
S2S examines Giants first round pick Chris Stratton.

Episode 79: Texas Cainsaw Massacre | Giantspod
“In the seventy-ninth episode, Thomas and Danny break their non-podcasting streak to talk about Pablo Sandoval’s return, Ryan Vogelsong’s continued dominance, Brett Pill’s designation for assignment, Theriot’s hot streak, and a visit from Dr. Todd.”

The Diamond Reviews, Richmond Flying Squirrels | Stadium Journey
Stadium Review of The Diamond, Home of the Richmond Flying Squirrels.

2012 Top 15 Prospect List Review: Risers and fallers « Bay City Ball – A Giants Blog
BCB reviews its 2012 top 15 prospects.


Splash Hits: 2/22/12

It’s been a while since I put up a links post, and as such, I have some catching up to do…

Kevin Goldstein released his top 101 prospects list, with only one Giant showing up: Gary Brown at #18. Brown, of course, was also #1 on Goldstein’s top Giants prospects (which, by the way, is free to the public).

Additionally, Brown was the lone Giant on Baseball America’s 2012 top 100, coming in at #38.

Baseball Prospect Nation, meanwhile, ranked the top 150 prospects in baseball, and three Giants made the cut: Brown at #32, Crick at #130, and Joseph at #133. BPN also ran down the top 15 Giants prospects, and published a scouting report on Gary Brown.

Keith Law published his prospect rankings as well, with Brown coming in at #68 overall. The Giants’ farm system was ranked #26 overall.

If you can’t get enough of Gary Brown (which is actually understandable), Bullpen Banter has a nice write-up on him. He’s 55th on their top 100.

A trio of Giants prospects — Adam Duvall, Shawn Sanford, and Stephen Harrold — were profiled by Seedlings to Stars.

Over at MLB Daily Dish, Satchel Price has begun to do positional prospect rankings. Tommy Joseph was ranked 15th among catchers, with Hector Sanchez and Andrew Susac as honorable mentions.

Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com revealed his top 20 San Francisco Giants prospects.

Speaking of prospects, Minor League Ball wrote about how Pablo Sandoval was seen as a prospect.

Over at Baseball Prospectus, Sam Miller details the “worst game of 2011” — one in which the Giants scored 15 runs(!)

J.P. Breen at Fangraphs ranked teams by WAR added through homegrown players since the 2002 draft. The Giants, at 97.9 WAR, were second in all of MLB.

Ryan Vogelsong‘s slider was one of the worst pitches of 2011, according to Eno Sarris.

Lastly, Ray Ratto of CSN Bay Area wrote an article about the blogger interview session with Brian Sabean.

Splash Hits: Barry Bonds, Bruce Bochy, Brandon Belt

San Francisco Giants Top 20 Prospects for 2012 – Minor League Ball
John Sickels’ top 20 Giants prospects.

An Incomplete Collection Of Barry Bonds Fun Facts – Baseball Nation
“Barry Bonds put up a lot of numbers. A lot of numbers that are almost literally unbelievable. Let’s dig into them just a little bit, because do you really have anything better to do? I know I don’t.”

BtBWAA 2012 Hall of Fame Vote: Seven Players Headed for Cooperstown – Beyond the Box Score
The contributors at Beyond the Box Score held a mock Hall of Fame vote. I voted for the first eight on the list.

Bruce Bochy: Hall of Fame manager? – SweetSpot Blog – ESPN
Is Bruce Bochy a Hall of Fame manager?

Jeff Sullivan: Barry Bonds’ Nemesis – Old Time Family Baseball
One of the many guest pieces over at Old Time Family Baseball, as part of a charity blogathon. Please consider donating to Doctors Without Borders.

Optioned to Fresno – A SF Giants Prospects Blog: Will Gary Brown’s Offense Survive the Move to the Eastern League?
Optioned to Fresno returns.

Is there an asterisk in Brandon’s future?
Brandon Belt comp: Roger Maris.

Splash Hits: End of the Year Edition

Special Episode: GiantsPod Meets Johnny Monell | Giantspod
“In this special episode, Thomas and Danny chat with Giants minor league catcher Johnny Monell about growing up in a baseball family, an education from Pudge, playing baseball in Puerto Rico, and life in da Bronx.”

Baseball Prospectus | Spinning Yarn: Hit-and-Run Success is No Accident
Extensive research on the hit-and-run play, courtesy of Mike Fast.

A Graphic Look at Replacing Runs in FA: San Francisco Giants – Beyond the Box Score
A graphical look at how the 2012 Giants compare to the 2011 Giants.

When the Giants Come to Town…: Down on the Farm: Dr B’s 2012 Giants Top 50 Prospects
Down on the Farm: Dr B’s 2012 Giants Top 50 Prospects

Reaping What You Sow: San Francisco Giants Top 10 Prospects | December
More Giants prospect rankings.

Yet more offseason bitching . . . « Bay City Ball – A Giants Blog
A thoughtful look at the Giants’ offseason.

Prospect mania! Is it out of control? – SweetSpot Blog – ESPN
Are prospects overvalued?

Splash Hits: 12/19/11

A Catch With Pop « Baseball Prose
“I never played catch with my father.”

The Default Position of McCovey Chronicles on Barry Bonds – McCovey Chronicles
Barry Bonds is not in prison. That’s probably a good thing.

The Platoon Advantage: Plagiarists Who (might) Write Among Us
Nine baseball writers are suspected of plagiarism.

How Will the Dodgers Score Runs in 2012? | FanGraphs Baseball
In comparison to the Dodgers’ offense, the Giants don’t look so bad.

Quick Thoughts on Latos to the Reds – Beyond the Box Score
The Reds gave away a blue chip prospect, but they’ve still got Joey Votto and now add a top of the rotation starter, which they desperately needed.

Why Jeff Bagwell Should Not Make The Hall Of Fame: An In-Depth Study – Baseball Nation
His numbers are great, but Jeff Bagwell has a lot to answer for.

Splash Hits: Arbitration Deadline Edition

The 50 best baseball players not in the Hall of Fame, Version 2.0 | Baseball: Past and Present
The 50 best baseball players not in the Hall of Fame. Will Clark and Bobby Bonds make the list.

Mike Fontenot vs. Jeff Keppinger: not a tough decision » Bay Area Sports Guy
Mike Fontenot.

Does Brandon Crawford’s bat outweigh his defense? « Bay City Ball – A Giants Blog
“One thing is clear: It could very well be another long season for the Giants, and their fans, at shortstop.”

Traditional Managing Index Results: 2011 NL – Beyond the Box Score
Identifying the most “traditional” managers in the NL using intentional walks and sacrifice bunts. Bruce Bochy is less traditional than average.

The Platoon Advantage: The Sophomore of the Year Award
Pablo Sandoval just barely missed the cut for 2011 Senior of the Year.

2012 San Francisco Giants Top 15 Prospect Rankings
List of 2012 top prospects in the San Francisco Giants organization

Splash Hits: 12/3/11

2012 Roster Projection: San Francisco Giants – MLB Daily Dish
The San Francisco Giants are looking to bounce back in 2012, and we have a projection of their 25-man roster for next season, including a batting order, bench, rotation and bullpen.

Pablo Sandoval: Jack-Be-Nimble, Jack-Be-Quick | FanGraphs Baseball
A look at Pablo Sandoval‘s stellar defense.

The Internet Baseball Community Hates Barry Bonds | FanGraphs Baseball
By Baseball-Reference’s ELO Rater, Barry Bonds is ranked the 26th best player of all time. Which is crazy.

NL West: Three fixes for each team – SweetSpot Blog – ESPN
Three fixes (or action items) for each team in the NL West. On the Giants’ list: a bat, a shortstop, a #5 starter.

Top 50 Prospects: #34 – Gary Brown | The Golden Sombrero Baseball Blog | MLB, Fantasy, College & High School Baseball News
Brown comes in at #34 in the Golden Sombrero’s prospect rankings.

Crazy Crabbers | Giants Baseball Blog: Baseball America’s Giants 2012 Top 10 Prospects
Gary Brown tops the list.

Wanted: Ramon Ramirez’s Pitch Chains | Getting Blanked | Blogs | theScore.com
“Ramirez went from a common right handed reliever to the type of bullpen stalwart that any team would want to call their own.”